Retail Displays

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Free standing display units (FSDUs) and Counter displays are off-the-shelf solutions that hold products from which a consumer will shop. They are used in retail environments to influence consumer purchasing patterns.

At the point of purchase, FSDUs are intended to increase product visibility and maximise brand impact. Brands can use eye-catching displays to differentiate themselves from the competition and increase sales.

FSDUs are lightweight but structurally sound because they are made of corrugated cardboard. Since they are made of a single material, they can be easily recycled after use.

Rhythm 108 display unit

With a love for sweet treats, but an equal concern for nutrition, wellness and the planet, Rhythm 108 worked to channel Swiss tradition and craftsmanship into creating the treats we all know and love, but with modern, 21st century values and needs.

As a company dedicated to all things natural, sustainability was a major consideration when selecting the right partner to create their free standing display units.

Our FSDUs are made from fluted cardboard, which is one of the most recycled and recyclable materials on the planet. Because the printing was done digitally, the amount of ink, energy and waste was kept to a bare minimum. All waste products were then recycled by one of our designated suppliers..

True Start Coffee displays

TrueStart is super clean coffee, hyper-selectively sourced for a stable caffeine content to make you feel amazing with no crash and no jitters. Did you know the caffeine in regular coffee varies loads? Well, not with TrueStart. You know you’re going to feel great every time.

The company approached us to create their display units: a free standing unit with four shelves for larger retail outlets, and a smaller counter display for smaller retailers.

Both featured the company’s branding, which included a custom-made header board that was die-cut to the required shape.

The free standing display unit (FSDU) and counter display were both manufactured and delivered flat for the client to easily assemble when needed.


All our products are available in either Recycled or FSC stock.

FSC® is an abbreviation for ‘Forest Stewardship Council®.’ They are a non-profit multinational organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forestry. FSC® certifies forests worldwide to ensure that they satisfy the highest environmental and social standards. When you see this logo, you may be confident that purchasing it will not result in the destruction of the world’s forests.

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